Free Shipping On Orders Over ₤ 69

Conditions of Use


We will ship from the United States.  Current shop production time is 1-3 business days (Not including shipping time). In order to expedite your order quickly we will only ship to the address that you submit during checkout. Please make sure and check your default address when using PayPal. We does ship worldwide (see international disclosures below). We shipping method is first class mail via USPS. We does not assume liability for the following:  delivered packages, lost packages, stolen packages, postal delays, or damaged packages. Once the item is scanned into local sorting facility or marked “picked up” We will not be held responsible for packages beyond this point.  You can upgrade your shipping to priority or express for an additional fee (domestic only).
International Shipping Disclosure- In compliance with import and export shipping laws each package will have full value on customs forms. Import duties, VAT taxes, & other custom fees are NOT included in the purchase price or shipping price. We encourage you to visit your country’s custom fees prior to making this purchase. Items will not be refunded due to “refused” or for non-payment of import taxes. Also, tracking will not update once it leaves the United States on  international destinations. Please allow up to 6 weeks for your item to arrive before considering it “lost.” Visit this link for more information.


Cancellations may be approved if the item has not yet been stamped. Due to our prestigious  production time this must almost be an immediate request. Items may not be canceled after 24 hours or after an item has been stamped.
Refunds will not be granted until funds have cleared via Etsy or PayPal.
Orders will not be canceled/refunded due to customer's failure to notice current production time.
Returns are granted case by case. Given the intellectual process of creating and stamping personalized or custom orders all sales are final. We do offer a list of items that can be returned if the following criteria applies.
---An item that is not personalized
---We™ must be notified within 24 hours upon “delivery”
---Tracking of returned item must be provided to We within 48 hours of “delivery”
---Refunds will only be submitted after the item has returned to We
---Item is in the same condition as it left We upon arrival
Partial refunds are deemed necessary by shop owner’s discretion. This could apply if you are not completely satisfied by the item. (Restrictions do apply).
---Customer must pay for the cost of shipping, packaging, and the cost of supplies.
---We™ must be notified within 24 hours upon “delivery”
---Tracking of returned item must be provided to We within 48 hours of “delivery”
---Or you may receive a gift certificate or We credit if preferred
 We™ offers a free warranty on our items for 60 calendar days from the date item was purchased. Buyer must return the item at their cost and We™ will return the new piece at our cost.
We offer a lifetime warranty on our jump rings and necklaces (not including sterling silver) if your item “comes apart.” You must return the item to We™ for repair and pay $5.00 for shipping and handling charges. Please send the $5.00 shipping and handling fee via PayPal at [email protected] Once you have sent your payment please notify We customer service & Include in the subject line: Repair Request. Please note that the item itself will not be replaced but repaired only.
At any time you can return any item to We™ for a free polishing and shine treatment. You will be required to pay $5.00 for shipping and Handling. Please follow the same procedure as above for this service. Your item will be replaced with new jump rings and split rings and polished and shined at no charge other than the shipping and handling.
Errors made by customer are replaced at the cost of supplies and new shipping. Please message me for your item cost if this applies to your order. We understand that we all make mistakes. 
---We™ must be notified within 24 hours upon “delivery”
---Tracking must be provided to We within 48 hours of “delivery”
Any errors made on my behalf are 100% replaceable within 48 business hours. Your item will take precedence over all other orders and shipped priority (domestic only).
---We™ must be notified within 24 hours upon “delivery”
---Tracking must be provided to We™ within 48 hours of “delivery” that the item is being returned


Wholesale is available for those shop owners who want to carry a personalized or unique items in their shop or boutique. We have a few variations of this process including but not limited to exclusive items and trademarked items. Please message admin for full disclosures on wholesale. A full release and wholesale contract will be enforced. Items are subject to an annual contract. The contract may be revised or revoked yearly.


All items will come in a traditional jewelry box with cotton. You can upgrade your box for $2.00 to enhance the package including ribbon and other flare. Our gift wrapping option takes packages to another level. It really is over the top. For a small fee of $10.00 your order includes upgraded shipping to priority (US ONLY). The package will come in a small gift bag and tissue paper matching the theme of your choice. We can do a birthday theme (age specified), wedding theme, sympathy, thinking of you, and anything else you can think of. We really spend our time making this package seem like you are handing it to them in person. The upgrade will include a card (to match your theme) with your personal message inside. All messages are private and kept confidential.


We love to make items in bulk. It has been my pleasure to participate in a few different bulk purchases such as a cheerleading teams and so on. I will discount the items based on the item, the time it takes to create and the number of items being purchases. Please note if you are requesting a bulk item that takes a while to assemble or stamp it will not available for reduction in price. Please contact admin if this applies to you or not. I will often give you the “base price” of an item and give you free upgrades. Shipping will be upgraded to Priority (US only) and if I am unable to reduce the price of the items I will upgrade your packaging and create a very personal delivery. Please note this only applies to you if you purchase 10 or more items.


We™ will keep an updated turn-around time at the top of “shop announcements.” This will be updated each time our production time changes. I will answer messages during normal business hours.  However, please allow 24 hours for a response to your message.I will make myself available during the hours of 9:00am to 3:00 pm (Central time) for phone calls or text messages Monday through Friday only. Please message admin with a request for a phone call. I will be available via email and shop messages from 8:00am to 5:00pm (Central time) Monday through Friday. I do not instantly respond to messages on Saturday or Sunday.  I generally limit my time for order confirmations only.  Due to processing orders I will be limited to messages and conversations on holidays.


Peak season includes: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, & Christmas.  During peak season I will limit my time spent on returning messages and conversations in general. We™ is a privately owned business and not a manufacturer.  That being said I will answer messages and conversations from 8:00 am to 10:00 am (central time) only. The remaining hours of the day will be spent stamping your order and processing your shipping. Please allow up to 72 hours for response time on all messages, emails, texts, etc. No exceptions!
If you have a correction for your order please send the correction as a message. Please include your order number and “CORRECTION” in the subject line. This will flag my attention. 


There are two types of trademark infringement.  The first is when an infringing mark is identical to the mark.  The second type of infringement is based on similarity with the trademark.  Every circuit has set out different ways of evaluating whether a mark is likely to confuse the public.  The 9th circuit has set out a number of points that should be analyzed when deciding whether a mark is infringing.  These include: the strength of the mark; proximity of the goods; similarity of the marks; evidence of actual confusion; marketing channels; defendants intent on selecting the mark among other factors.
We™ and several items are in the process of being trademarked. We has serial numbers on all federally registered items submitted for trademark or copyright. If you would like to use one of our trademarked quotes for any reason please send a message to admin.  
Original Designs, Item and promotional photos, custom fonts, and item descriptions are intellectual property rights of We & may not be used for any reason without approval. Infringement on protected derivative works will be tactfully enforced with appropriate measures of force. When a trademark is infringed an action may be brought in a state court, if it is unregistered, or in a federal district court.